MWp scale Solar Power Plant

Project Survey & Planning
Application facilitation : CREC Solar Power Plant Division has profound understanding of the central and state policy landscape extending from MW Scale Solar Farms to Rooftop Captive Power Plants, thus eliminating risk of errors and ensuring smooth project execution and max. State and central government benefits . (dedicated consultant)
Eligibility Criteria : Guiding, Enlisting, matching and preparation of documents to meet the eligibility criteria set by the MNRE or the state solar policy setting agencies (dedicated engineer)
Land Identification & Acquisition : Assisting the project developers in identification of suitable land and facilitating acquisition of the same including facilitating govt lease and private land acquisition and ensuring the developers get maximum benefit from investor friendly policies and guidance to prevent risks. (dedicated consultant)
Application Submission & Followup : After thorough screening of all the documents and meeting the checklist for the policy, the application is submitted. Our consultants keep the developer updated by continuous follow-ups with the concerned departments.
Execution of PPA : Regulatory consultants after allocation, help you understand the significance of each clause of the Power Purchase Agreement and assist you regarding the formalities of execution for the same. (dedicated consultant)

Site Survey
Placing of meterological equipments and their study for 1 month.
Study of solar irradiation pattern.
Study of landscape and its possible effects on the power plant
Submission of report on:
a) Study of elevation and azimuthal gage.
b) Irradiation pattern.
c) Recommending type of PV based on customer requirements, report generated above & physical resources available at site.
d) Detailed Project Report.
e) Plant estimated output.
Electrical load assesment of overall existing system for evaluation of PV capacity.

Design & Delivery of Equipment
Recommendation of SPV module of appropriate efficiency, technology, size and cost based on space available, physical or electrical threats to system & irradiation reports and its procurement and inspection before dispatch. Individual testing of random samples for quality conformation.
Recommendation of grid-tied inverters of appropriate efficiency, technology, size and cost based on PV arrays, space available, physical or electrical threats to system and its procurement and inspection before dispatch. Individual testing of random samples for quality conformation.
Design of support structure and foundation and submission of BoQ and physical load details for approval from architect. (approval from architect not in CREC scope) and its procurement inspection and before dispatch.
Design of complete system which shall include generation of output from PV cells in usable form with minimum losses and maximum performance ratio (Output) and integration of this system into existing system with proper protection item to maximise protection of solar plant from external physical and electrical threats like reverse current, lightning, P2P, P2G, SC, OC faults including supply of DC protection devices.
Design and recommendation of transformers for voltage step up/down for transmission for power evacuation.
Submission of SLD, detailed electrical layout with separate DC and AC wiring, earth layout, lightning arrestor layout, power evacuation schematics.

Erection, Testing and Commissioning
Loading, unloading, site levelling, landscaping, erection, testing and commissioning of the complete system along with supply of raw materials for civil work, earth and neutral pits with necessary remote monitoring facility (non-Scada/PLC based) along with evacuation license with deputation of dedicated engineers and Project Manager for the project.

Salient Features of our Grid-tied Power Plants Solutions
The architecture of our consultancy is based on maximum output for a commercially viable project at least possible cost hence ensuring highest ROI in shortest span of time.
The system is designed for minimum losses and maximum reasonable protection against faults.
No use of Junction boxes and Array Boxes
25 years warranty on Solar Photo Voltaic Modules.
25 years warranty on support structures.
Wind thrust protection for up to wind speed of 150Kmph.
3 years free service for any fault.
Process of coverage of warranty and guarantees of individual purchases and their documentation.
Performance ratio above 0.8

REC trading
Identification of obligated entity and seller, finding most profitable deal, accreditation, registration and issuance of REC (complete trading)