Our Business

First of all thank you for showing interest in exploring business options with us. We, at Corps Renewable Engineering Company, are professionals of solar commercial project engineering, consultancy and erection & commissioning services, working as a team with a cumulative experience of 150MWp of solar power plants at national and international locations.

Our Commercial Offers
Inverter Design

It is a pleasure to inform you that we have commercially launched the innovative design of microprocessor for our indigenously designed commercial solar hybrid and hybrid cum grid-tied inverters. We would like to invite manufacturers to reach our facility to see the working and simulation of the prototype.

Commercial Power Plant Design

Our power plants are designed with a commercial viability of less than 4 years of return over invested value. Of course it was not an easy job, but with regular development of our solutions on the possibilities of plant output production and changing ways of investment in the projects.

Solar Air-conditioning Solutions

In our “customer need surveys” we have found that air-conditioning is a common pain area of residential as well as industrial and commercial electrical power consumers. After comprehensive study of solutions available in world we could extract few most suited to requirements and available resources. Our designed solutions are running 1.5 Ton air-conditioners for more than a year with a peak battery back of 14 continuous hours on just a 2.5 Kwp solar power plant modules.

Customised Solutions

We also cater to design needs of customer based on their special requirements of power plant or product design. To have an idea of our designed products you can refer to solar hybrid, grid –tied and hybrid cum grid-tied inverters blueprints and programming, solar hybrid air-conditioners and solar power plants with high inductive loads and surges.

Kindly contact our sales team to get a feedback of your requirement from our consultant Write a email to sales@crec.in