Our commitment is not just a workable solar power plant for homes in Delhi but a “techno-commercially sound power plant” with:
  • Earliest return over investment through our business model ( less than 4 years)
  • Maintaining transparency in a project by direct procurements
  • 3% Higher performance ratio through use of manual trackers
  • Eliminate unnecessary cost components of a project like double taxation, manpower (additional PM)
  • Passing on perks and discounts enjoyed by us (being a solar consultant) directly to our customers.
  • Assurance of service (Our OEMs are reputed and time tested. We directly pass on the warranties and guarantees to our consumers and we cover those guarantees on technical validation during our service)

These practices help us to save you significant in a project capital cost of solar power plant for homes in Delhi and neighbouring states.

Our Infrastructure :
  • We have skilled and trained electricians, supervisors, engineers and managers and other stakeholders of the project
  • A typical 100KWp project will involve 5 electricians , 12 helpers , 2 engineers and a PM to complete the erection and commissioning in 15 days
  • Our execution team are satisfactorily experienced & certified in execution of solar power plants for homes in Delhi and neighbouring states
  • We have special rates and services from our reputed OEMs who been associated with us for multiple years
Solar Seasonal Manual tracker : 43 units/Kwp higher annual output

*Kindly ask our executive to explain manual trackers in detail

annual output graph
Estimated output difference:


Output chart