Solar Street Lights in Delhi

Standalone solar street lighting systems come handy when it comes to saving cable and cable trench costs, maintenance of vast cabling, quick installations, huge savings on operational costs and many more. With the development of various technologies in standalone street lighting systems, today we solar led street light suppliers in Delhi have dedicated systems for specific applications. On the one hand development in lumens/watt of LEDs, beam angle, optimized size and provision of battery with higher battery life and reliability has enhanced the performance of LED street light systems while development in optimization of losses and innovative tracker systems overall cost of system has come down. It’s a win-win situation for beneficiaries provided following parameters are satisfied while designing a system. These may also be understood as the salient features of our solar street lights in Delhi:

Height of pole vs torque equation : : Stability of a system is very important in a solar street system along with the ability to last long. The system should have a foundation and thickness of the pole to at least bear the torque generated by modules with foundation as the centre with a factor of safety of 1.5 at wind speed of 100Km/hr.

Lux level as per requirement : The street light system must fulfill its usage. We are the chief solar led street light suppliers in Delhi and neighboring states. Our systems are designed at lux level as per application. An application chart of our lux level standards is given below:

Application Lux level
Passageway/outside work area 50
Good road lighting 15

Right choice of battery : The battery life of different makes, capacities and types vary with different weather conditions of different places like moisture level, maximum and minimum operating temperatures. Among various types of batteries like LMLA, VRLA , Gel Tubular , Tall tubular etc. we must choose the most cost effective and long lasting battery as per the local weather conditions.

Right choice of panels : Solar panels charge differently in different seasons for obvious reasons and we must choose capacity of solar panels based on worst sunshine conditions for a regular and even use throughout the year along with a certain autonomy for best performance. Other parameters like elevation and orientation of solar panels also play a major role in power generation.. For Example, Solar street lights in Delhi can be worked out with a 28 degree tilt and a seasonal manual tracker (at almost the same cost as fixed structure) to add to higher charging of system.

Smart luminary : Street light systems have a big scope for intelligence as required by application Features like auto switch on and off, battery health control and solar PV power output conditioning etc. are readily available with us. They should be rugged as per outdoor usage. As a chief solar led street light suppliers in Delhi and neighboring states we do care about aesthetics of complete assembly.

solar street lights in delhi
solar street lights
Our 12W asthetically beautiful solar street light maintaing 15lux installed at Chattarpur farms
solar led street light suppliers in Delhi

Our 24W LED street light maintaining 50 lux at gate also for use for reading by guards installed in a factory at Farooqnagar